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We are Al Rios and David Sliom, and we are gearing up for what promises to be a 2017 thrill ride. The Divearium Project will soon be underway, and inland lake/quarry scuba diving will never be the same.

The Divearium will be an inland multi-purpose dive site that offers the unique merging of a dive training facility and an underwater fauna and flora gallery/museum within a partially simulated aquarium environment; the first SCUBA and Aquatic Life Educational Center in the world.

We are both advanced open water divers, and are convinced you will find the Divearium to be visually exhilarating, hugely educational, physically challenging, extraordinarily fun, and unlike anything you’ve experienced before in terms of inland quarry/lake diving.

The Divearium trademark was recently granted full and official registration with the USPTO.

The Virginia Divearium, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2013 to support the project, and is dedicated to on-going aquatic life education and training of entry-level and advanced scuba divers.

An additional purpose of the project is to begin the transformation of the inland dive experience by launching a unique mid-Atlantic dive facility that is compelling and drastically different from the “cold, dirty, green, and boring” encounter commonly associated with this type of diving.

In effect, we are presenting a new model for how quarry/lake diving is done!

As Director and Manager, and Assistant Director respectively, we look forward to sharing the Divearium experience with you!

Al & David




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